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Live2d Prices

Live2d Pricing

All prices are in USD
Paypal and Stripe only accepted

Artwork & Rig Pricing


Basic Rigging:

  • 1 Base Pose

  • X, Y, Z Angles

  • Mouthforms

  • Static Expressions

  • Expression blendshapes for eyes and eyebrows.

  • 1 Outfit

  • Idle tail and ear animations

  • Physics; hair, ears, fur, eyes ect.

Rig-Only Pricing

Your files MUST be Live2D ready;

  • Your model artwork is cut and finalized for live2d.

  • Your model parts are named and sorted appropriately in a PSD file.

If your model artwork is not cut properly you may be asked to revise your model with your artist or I will charge a fee to make the model rig-ready and compatible with my rigging style.

Chibi / Misc$ 450
Half Body$ 650
Full Body$ 800


Model Cutting & Edits$ 100
Additional Limb/Pose Rigging$50+ per set
iOS Expressions: Cheekpuff, Mouth X$ 150
Static Expressions$30 each
Outfit/Props (per)$ 50 - $250
Animated AnimationsN/A

Setup & Support

All rigged models will come setup and prepared for Vtube Studio. You can use Vtube Studio FREE on Steam.I will setup and provide the basic requirements for your model to function in Vtube Studio. I can help with further instructions if you require more assistance post-completion.

Tracking devices

iOS Expressions require an iPhone X (10) and above. The minimum requirement for your iPhone is functioning FaceID and front and back cameras, FaceID is required for mocap (lidar) tracking to work, without it, you cannot do advanced face tracking.

Model Gallery

Rigged in Live2d Cubism


Artwork & Character: Ziphora
Rigging: Ziphora


  • Body X, Y, Z Tilt

  • Eye Tracking

  • Mouth Movement, Mouth X

  • Full Body Physics

  • Expression Toggles

  • Outfit Toggles

  • Mouse X Y Arms Tracking

Mega Chibi

Artwork & Character: MegasArts
Rigging: Ziphora


  • Body X, Y, Z Tilt

  • Eye Tracking

  • Mouth Movement

  • Physics

  • Expression Toggles

  • Frog Toggle

  • Egg Toggle

Pocket Mega

Artwork & Character: MegasArts
Rigging: Ziphora


  • Body X, Y, Z Tilt

  • Eye Tracking

  • Mouth Movement

  • Physics

  • Expression Toggles


Artwork & Character: LaventaBreeze
Rigging: Ziphora


  • Body X, Y, Z Tilt

  • Eye Tracking

  • Brow Y Ears

  • Mouth Movement

  • Physics


Artwork & Character: Fenergizer
Rigging: Ziphora


  • Body X, Y, Z Tilt

  • Eye Tracking.

  • Brow Y Ears

  • Mouth Movement

  • Physics

  • Toggle expressions


Artwork: Kresendoe
Character: Ninestempest
Rigging & Edits: Ziphora


  • Body X, Y, Z Tilt

  • Eye Tracking.

  • Brow Y Ears

  • Mouth Movement

  • Physics

  • Toggle expressions

Art Prices


Commission openings are announced at Twitter: @Ziphora_Art

All prices are in USD
Paypal and Stripe only accepted

YCH Emotes

Flat Price: $25 each
3 Pack: $70 (-5%)

Characters are simplified for emote format.
Commercial rights included for merchandise and twitch.

Custom Emotes

Static emotes

Flat Price: $40 each
5 Pack: $190 (-5%)
10 Pack: $360 (-10%)

Animated / tweened emotes

Live2d Tweening: $75 each
Frame-by-frame: $30 per frame

Characters are simplified for emote format.
Emotes vary greatly depending on character!
Commercial rights included for merchandise and twitch.



Flat Price: $200
2 frame talk & idle animations
+$100 per additional unique frame

Half Body

Flat Price: $350
2 frame talk & idle animations
+$150 per additional unique frame

Expression alts: +$35 each

2 frames per Idle and Talking animations.
Can be used on Twitch as a PNGtuber.
Expressions can change mouth shape, blush, eyes.


1 Character, portrait
Flat colour: $100

Shading & Highlights: +$25
Armours: +$65

Sketch option on the form.
Digital Badge option available.
Horizontal or Vertical Canvas
11 x 14 Inch (3850x4900 px), 350dpi

Half Body Illustrations

1 Character, Thigh up
Flat Rate: $350

Additional character: +$125
Mounts/Pets: +$45 - $95 each

Vertical Canvas
12 x 16 Inch (4200x5600 px), 350dpi

Full Body Illustrations

1 Character
Flate Rate: $550

Additional character: +$200
Mounts/Pets: +$65 - $125 each

Horizontal or Vertical Canvas
12 x 16 Inch (5600x4200 px), 350dpi

All illustration pricing includes armours, clothing, weapons and backgrounds!

Terms of Service

My commission queue is always public and you can find it here!

A PDF copy of my Terms of Service will be attached to your invoice.

Last updated: 15/08/2022

1. Time Frame

Commission completion period:

  • Your commission time starts from completed payment.

  • I make no obligation to complete a commission within a set time period unless it has been specified and accepted.

  • If you are concerned with your commission you may contact me at any point during the commission period.

  • Current completion times are set at 6 Months. Some commissions are extended beyond others, depending on circumstance and are case by case if this occurs, I do not single out or exclude clients when choosing what commissions are completed before others.

2. Payment

Payment & options

  • All prices are in US Dollar (USD).

  • Payment is only accepted via PayPal, Stripe & Ko-fi commission slots.

  • Commissions are invoiced via Paypal, Stripe or Ko-fi commission slots only.

  • Cryptocurrency is not accepted. If you attempt to pay for a commission with cryptocurrency you will be blocked and blacklisted from future commissions.

Payment Plans:

  • I will accept payment plans for commissions $250+

  • Payment plans can be broken down into halves or quarters.

  • Acceptable payment plans of 4 - 6 weeks.

  • Work will not start on your commission until it is paid in full.

3. Additional charges

  • You may be charged more based on the complexity of your character. I charge additional fees for highly detailed and complex characters, characters with wings, excessive limbs, body parts, armours, clothing, weapons and more.

  • Revisions and edit surcharges are applicable when the limit of revisions has been reached (3) for Illustrations and (0) for Icons, Emotes and Busts. Live2d revisions are case-by-case.

  • Additional surcharges are always applied on top of the base price of the commission.

4. Communication

  • You agree to use commission contact for contact related to the commission and not personal to interact with me.

  • I have a very minimal contact with clients, I am available for discussion at anytime however my updates are infrequent unless progress has been made on your commission.

  • You may use Twitter, Discord OR Email to contact me.

  • All communication must be followed up via your chosen contact choice.

  • Discussing your commission during live streams or attempting to will be forgotten and ignored UNLESS I request and you are present.


  • WIPs & revisions are not required for Icons, Emotes & Busts. WIPs are not up for revision prior to completion if provided.

  • Commissions revision are provided for Illustrations, you are given (3) revisions free of charge at set stages; Concept, Sketch and Lineart.

  • You are provided two revisions during your Illustration free of charge.

  • Excessive revisions will result in additional fees; depending on complexity of edits and changes.

  • WIPs & revisions for Live2d Models are provided ongoing, they are case-by-case.

  • By commissioning me you accept that your commission will be made public and potentially live streamed.

6. Post-completion

  • Post-completed commission edits can be provided for a fee if the edits requested are considered heavy and/or affect the entire image to be reworked.

  • If edits required are at fault of character being drawn incorrectly by me, they are free of charge.

  • If you accepted the final commission but request revisions later you will be charged additional fees.

  • I do not provide PSD files or 'raw' files of commissions. You will receive JPEGs, PNGs or GIFs of your completed commission.

  • I provide Live2d Cubism files for Live2d Model work.

  • Live2d post-completion rigging will be surcharged; new rigging and rerigging will cost additional.

7. Refunds

  • Client's may request a refund for their commission once the due date has been reached without a completed image or product.

  • 6 months without a completed commission is an appropriate time period to request a full refund.

  • Preliminary sketches may be re-purposed if the commission is cancelled and refunded.

  • Refund of the full commission price will only be issued if for any unknown reason I'm unable to complete the commission in a timely manner or I'm not able to do the commission. You will be refunded up to 85% of the commission based on completed work.

  • If for some unknown reason I do not complete your commission within the 6-Month Paypal Buyer Protection, I will refund you within a reasonable time period where I am able to secure the funds, minus Paypal fees and charges for transactions if requested.

8. Cancellations

  • I reserve the right to cancel a commission if you are rude, inappropriate or not able to communicate with me appropriately.

  • Once payment is received, you cannot back out of the commission.

  • I will not refund a commission if you simply change your mind prior to expected ETA, unless circumstance is reasonable.

9. Copyright

Client reupload/repost:

  • Client's may reupload commissioned artwork to your personal websites, galleries & social media with watermarked copies provided.

  • Credit me where appropriate and due when posting publicly, emotes through Twitch can be attributed and credited in panels.

Commercial LICENCE:

  • Commercial Licenses can be provided at a flat percent fee of the commission, on top of sale price. Case-by-case basis.

  • I do not allow the sale of any of my artworks as Non-Fungible Token's (NFT's) where the JPEG, PNG or any file is attached to a cryptocurrency for resale or exclusive sale. Period.

Non-Commercial Copyright:

  • Any Client's personal Terms of Service is null and void upon commissioning me.

  • Commissioned artworks are for personal and non-profit use.

  • You may not alter, obstruct or remove my signature or watermarks.

  • I retain the copyrights to all commissioned for display for personal websites, social media, promotional material, art collections in books, portfolios, prints etc.

  • You retain the copyrights to your character in the commissioned images and credit to the character you own.

  • Artworks may not be sold as Non-Fungible Token's (NFT's) where the JPEG, PNG or any file is attached to a cryptocurrency for resale or exclusive sale. Purchased artworks are for private use, not private resale.

10. Reference Images

You must provide your references on the forms for commissions. Forms must be filled out in full during the application process.


  • Coloured images of your character

  • Full References

  • SFW References are preferred; NSFW can be provided as long as censored unless NSFW is required for the commission.


  • Written-only references where no images are provided.

  • Images where heavy shading is used

  • Screenshots of games where lighting is not viable to discern the characters details accurately.

World of Warcraft Characters:

All World of Warcraft characters MUST have a wowhead dressing room link, even if you have a reference sheet. Do not give me screenshots from in-game.

  • Wowhead Dressing Room link to your character is not optional, you must provide one for all WoW characters including NPC models for pets, mounts and shapeshift forms that are included in the commission.

  • Narcissus WoW Addon screenshots and general in-game screenshots can accompany your Wowhead Dressing Room link.

  • World of Warcraft Armoury links are not accepted.

11. Preferences

I Will Draw:

  • Video game characters.

  • Horror characters, creatures and themes.

  • Armour and weapons.

  • Anthropomorphic, furry and feral characters.

  • Animals and pet portraits.

  • Mechanical, cyber, futuristic characters and themes.

  • Fantasy, mythological, and mediaeval creatures, characters and themes.

  • Adult themes (18+)

  • Tattoo designs!

  • All genders and gender pairings.

I Will Not Draw:

  • Humans and humanoids.

  • Political people or to do with real life events.

  • Self portraits of real life people.

  • Anything racist, sexist, transphobic, xenophobic to any person or culture.

  • Hate Speech and derogatory subjects.

  • Certain extreme sexual fetishes.

  • Explicit or suggestively sexual content involving minors or children. 18+ only, characters must be 18+ in both appearance and design.

12. Adult Content

  • Adult content is strictly 18+, if requested you must provide proof you are of adult legal age.

  • All characters I draw must be physically adult and legal age.

  • You are agreeing you are 18+ and of legal age.

13. Graphic Content

  • Context is considered when accepting or declining commissions with violent and aggressive topics and themes.

Contact me!

24 - 48 hour response.
Commission and business emails only.

ABout the artist

Hi! I'm Ziphora

I'm a Freelance Digital Artist and Illustrator from Australia, I'm a Torres Strait Islander, born and raised in Queensland.I have been a digital artist for over a decade, art has always been a part of my life, drawing with pencil long before since I was a child 4 and up.I've ran an online shop and created merchandise since 2018 to sell on Etsy, my main focus has been World of Warcraft merchandise in the past.I have been learning Live2d Cubism since June 2021, my experience although limited is advanced and I've spent time honing my skill in puppetry.I started streaming at Twitch full time in November 2021, I am a variety streamer focusing on horror and sandbox games, I reached Twitch partner in June 2022.I am an anthropomorphic and animal artist, I enjoy drawing fantasy creatures, fluffy animals and bringing characters to life. I have a particular fondness for World of Warcraft characters and werewolves.