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Commission Prices

World of Warcraft characters refer to Reference Material before commissioning me!

All prices are in USD.
Prices may vary based on characters and complexity.
Commissions and prices may vary and update or change regularly!


Commission TypeFlat ColourShading+1 CharacterCanvas Size
Icon$30$40-1500x1500 pixels
Waist-Up$100$125+75%11x14 or 12x16 inch
Full Body$145$165+75%11x14 or 12x16 inch

Armour and weapons are included in the price.
Icons and Waist-Up commissions can be symmetry or standard.

+1 Character is +75% Flat Colour / Shading base price.

Patreon discounts apply. Discounts are valid after 1-month of membership, only eligible during active patronage, not additive or accumulative.

Additional Fees:

Additional AddonsIconBustWaist-UpFull Body
Custom Choice Background--+$35+$50 - $75
Companions / Small Pet-+$20+$25+$35
Mount / Large Pet--+$65+$85
NSFW (Adult) fee--+$25+$35

Standard free backgrounds are simple and minimal in design (grass, dirt or solid colour). Background prices depend on complexity and detail.

Terms of Service

Last updated: 30/07/2020

My commission queue is always public and you can find it here!

Table of Contents

1. Process:

★ Commission Application:

Submit your commission to the appropriate commission form available.Some commissions will not be subject to a traditional google form opening, I may take this directly via Twitter.If approved I will respond within 24 hours with an invoice. I will create a Trello card with your commission and add it to my queue.Please provide all information requested in the forms, it's expected you will provide the bare minimum requested on commission forms.By accepting my Terms of Service you accept you've read all information and agree to my process, any and all client's personal Terms of Service are null and void upon commissioning me.

★ Approval & Invoice:

Work on your commission will only start after the commission has been paid in full.Your commission will begin when appropriately reached within my queue. This will range in time depending on commission scale and queue.WIPs are provided prior to linework for commissions such as; Pinups, Illustrations, Reference Sheets, Emotes.If you wish for your commission to remain anonymous or kept a secret until completion please specify this, otherwise the commission may be made public or uploaded once completed. I am not responsible if your commission is leaked before completion without clear communication and understanding. Private commissions will cost +35% total commission cost.WIP requests are provided any point after your commission has begun and is actively being worked on in my queue.Client's will have up to 2 sketch alterations before being charged for requested sketch overhauls.Sketch overhalls and adjustments will incur additional fees of $10 - $15 USD+ per request.

★ Client and Commissioner Communication:

I will request a client communication line on my commission forms, it's expected you will be available to respond in a reasonable time period when commission work has begun. It will be uncommon but sometimes necessary if you're able to respond if I have an inquiry if information is missed on your form application or is unclear.I do not expect 24/7 client response and I do not expect you to expect that of me! Please keep in mind timezones and public holidays as well as personal space. A reasonable response time is 24-48 hours if communication is needed.I am happy to answer any questions during your time working with me, please respect personal space and privacy however.

★ Commission Completion:

Once a commission is completed you will receive files via a private Imgur folder, if requested and provided I can email high resolution files however it is not default upon completion.You will receive; Full resolution canvas JPEG files, mid to low resolution JPEG files, watermarked files and PNG if the file is a flat image.I do not provide CSP and PSD files for NonCommercial commissions.

★ Post-Completion Alterations:

After the commissions completion I will make adjustments if required to fix and correct any characters errors missed by myself.Commissioners who approved sketches and WIPs but reject final commission results will not be altered fee-free, you are responsible for approval and informing me the artist of requested changes prior to completion.Fees for changes post-completion will vary based on commissions and requested post-completion alterations. Upwards of $25 USD+

2. Time Frame:

★ Waiting Period:

Your commission time starts from completed payment, partial payment or pending invoices are not counted within the time period of refunds and cancelled commissions. Time starts from full payment, not inquiry.Current Wait times are set at 1-3 Months (Some commissions are extended beyond others, depending on circumstance and are case by case if this occurs, I do not single out or exclude people when choosing what commissions are completed before others.Depending on the size of the commission, my current workload and availability, I may take longer to complete your commission than anticipated. I will try my best to complete commissions within the alloted time, however this is not always the case and time may delay your commissions due to complexity or detail, or simply because of other commissions before it.Commissions should not take longer than 3 months to complete, however circumstances may arise which may delay them further than originally anticipated. Full Render Illustrations are the only exception with up to 4 months completion time due to scale and time involved.If for some unknown reason I do not complete your commission within the 6-Month Paypal Buyer Protection your refund and commission are still valid and I can either exchange your commission for smaller/other commissions that make up the value you paid for your initial commission or I will refund you within a reasonable time period where I am able to secure the funds, minus Paypal fees and charges for transactions.

★ Set Dates & Schedule:

Trello is updated and regularly managed, if you have any questions or inquiries regarding your commission, timeslot or time period you're able to contact me via a range of avenues. I am available 90% of the time and will respond generally within 24 hours.I make no obligation or commitment to complete a commission within a set time schedule or specific date unless discussed and agreed.I will do my best to answer any and all questions during our time working together.

★ Real Life Events, Delays & Public Holidays:

I will do my best to complete your commission in all time within my available schedule, please understand that real life does happen and I will need your patience and understanding while working with me. My time schedule is limited, freelance illustration is not my full time job.Public Holidays I am unavailable for contact, I will respond the next available work day.Unforeseeable real life events (Catastrophic and personal) I will be unavailable for contact if these are to arise, client's will be notified of my rough estimate of down time, however subject to change.

3. Payment:

★ Payment Options & Currency:

All prices are in US Dollar (USD).I am currently only accepting commissions via Paypal.Credit card, Debit card, Cheque, Cash, Gift Cards and other forms of payment are not accepted.Client's will be invoiced via Paypal.Client's will have the option of partial payment on commissions larger than $100 USD if discussed.

★ Payment Plans:

I offer payment plans on commissions of $100 USD or more, client's are expected to pay within a reasonable time period (2-4 weeks).

4. Refunds and Cancellations:

★ Refunds:

Commissioners may request a refund for their commission once the due date has been reached without a completed image or product.I reserve the right to cancel a commission if you are rude, inappropriate or not able to communicate with me appropriately.-- You will be refunded up to 85% of the commission based on completed work under this circumstance.
I reserve the right to cancel a commission at any time. In this circumstance you will be refunded for the full commission cost, minus Paypal fees and charges for transactions.Preliminary sketches may be re-purposed if the commission is cancelled and refunded.Refund of the full commission price will only be issued if for any unknown reason I'm unable to complete the commission in a timely manner or I'm not able to do the commission.Full Render Illustrations are the only exception for refunds, with up to 4 months before a refund is eligible.Refunds are applicable past the 6-Month Paypal Buyer Protection Time Period, I will resolve all outstanding commissions regardless of time, you will receive your commission or equivalent art valued to the total you initially paid for your commission at the date of purchase. I am committed to completing commissions if still requested that past this 6 month time period at fault of my own or your money back.

★ Cancellations:

Once payment is received, you cannot back out of the commission.I will not refund commissions if you simply change your mind, or have another due payment that requires that money back in return.

5. Artist & Client Copyright:

★ Client Re-upload/Reposting:

Client's may re-upload commissioned artworks if artist credit is given, preferably directly to my website or to my next appropriate social media you are posting your commissioned artwork on.Re-uploading Watermarked images is advised when using Social Media websites or other websites where images are often stolen and reposted unlawfully.

★ NonCommercial Copyright:

Any Clients personal Terms of Service is null and void upon commissioning me.All artwork commissioned through my forms by default buys you a NonCommercial and Attribution license.Commissioned artworks are for personal and non-profit use only (i.e individual printing for displays within own home).If you wish to buy a Commercial License for my artwork, this can be discussed and negotiated based on use of product sale.All commissions are No Derivative Works (ND). You may not alter, obstruct or remove my signature or watermarks.I retain the copyrights to all commissioned Noncommercial artwork to use for display for personal websites, social media, promotional material, art collections in books, portfolios, prints ect.You retain the copyrights to your character in the commissioned images and credit to the character you own.

★ Commercial License:

Commercial Licences are on a case by case basis.I will not sell Commercial License at a discount, they are at an increased percent value depending on the artwork and the use of artwork for commercial sale.You will receive written proof of Commercial License, the terms and outlines of the sale and use of artwork if you are to purchase commercial license and use of commissioned artwork through your Invoice via Paypal. Any and all confirmation will be directly through the POS invoice.

6. Reference Material:

When Providing a reference of your character providing any of the following is acceptable.

★ World of Warcraft Characters:

Wowhead Dressing Room direct link to your character and armour.Narcissus WoW Addon screenshots using clear and white lighting with a black or solid background.Plain in-game screenshots are not acceptable if you have no other reference artwork pre-existing of your WoW OC.

★ Other Characters:

Unshaded Reference Sheet.NSFW Reference Sheets are accepted, please do not provide unnecessary imagery however.Flat Colour Artwork of characterClear and concise information about character.Any specific additional material not written on the reference sheet must be brief and to-the-point! No walls of text.

★ Written References:

I do not take written only references, period. You must provide me with a visual basis to work with.

★ Other Reference Imagery:

Other reference material can help me define your commission although artistic liberty will take over, it helps set a scene or mood. You can help depending on tier of commission by providing any of these:
Background, Scenery Images.Reference Pose Images.Mood Boards.Reference Expression Images.

Simple guide to Narcissus:

7. Artist Preference:

★ I Will Draw:

[✔] Warcraft Anything![✔] Armour and Weapons[✔] Game art of all kinds[✔] Anthro / Furry characters[✔] Ferals & Animals[✔] Animal, Pet Portraits[✔] Monsters and Mythical Creatures[✔] Mechanical, Cyber, Futuristic.[✔] Some humanoids.[✔] Gore & Fighting Scenes[✔] Tasteful Nudity

★ I Will Not Draw:

[✘] Political or to do with real life events.[✘] Self portraits of real life people.[✘] Depicts or suggests topics about things I am uncomfortable with.[✘] Suggests self-harm or anything that is unhealthy for the mind and body.[✘] Anything that is demeaning to other cultures, stereotypes, genders, races ect.[✘] Explicit or suggestively sexual content involving minors or children. 18+ only, characters must be physically that of 18+.

8. Adult & Graphic Content:

★ Sexual Content:

Adult content is strictly 18+, if requested you must provide proof you are of adult legal age.All characters I draw must be physically that of adult and legal age. I will not draw minors in suggestive or sexual context, full stop.Adult commissions are currently only available through my YCH Illustrations posted at @Ziphora_AD or Furaffinity.You are agreeing you are 18+ and of legal age commissioning me for any Adult themed or sexually suggestive content.YCH's are currently the only way to purchase NSFW Adult content from me.

★ Gore and Violence:

Gore and blood is subject to matter, I will draw tame fight scenes.I will not draw sexual fetishes revolving around gore and violence in any context, period.Context is key and I must have a clear indication and reason for violence if I am to draw it.

★ Sexual Fetishes:

I am a vanilla nsfw artist, however I will draw any of the following 'tame' fetishes:
BondageRoleplaySize Play (If both are clearly indicated adults)General tame fetishes, just ask first!


About the Artist

Hi! I'm Aleisha.
I'm a Freelance Digital Artist and Illustrator from Australia. My character Ziphora is how I choose to express my personal self.

I focus on Anthropomorphic animals, fantasy creatures and fantasy themes, I am heavily involved in the World of Warcraft and Furry fandom, as a result it has influenced my artwork.

Art helps me express and support myself in a positive and impactful way, not only as a source of income but as an outlet of my inner thoughts and ideas.