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Live2d Artwork and Rig Commissions:

Serious inquiries only, upwards of $1,000 USD +.
Estimated 100-300 hours of work for both artwork and rigging.
Inquiries for projects and models will be turned down if they are not of interest to me or suitable. Live2d Vtuber models are at my discretion if the project is of interest to me and promising.

I am mostly interested in working with furry characters, I have a particular interest in feral character rigs but I am open to discussing Anthropomorphic animals and all gendered characters.Live2d projects will have aftercare and room for support in the future for more outfits, expressions and rigging adjustments or updates to the models at added cost. I'm looking to work with clients over long periods of time on models.

All rig-only and rig & art includes minimum:

  • Head and Body X, Y, Z Tilt

  • Mouth Movement and Mouthforms if applicable to the character.

  • 1 Outfit Toggle

  • 4 Sticker Expressions (non-animated)

  • Brow Y (Ears)

  • General Physics (Ears, Hair, Fur, Eye Details, Tail ect)

  • Eye Rigging: Eye X & Y, blendshapes for sad, happy expressions ect.

Rig-Only Commissions:

Looking for someone to rig your artwork of your vtuber model?Your files MUST be Live2D ready, this means all your artwork is separated and prepared for rigging and named appropriately. Your artwork will affect the outcome of the model's rigging capabilities.


  • Bust / Chibi Models: $250+ USD

  • Half Body Models: $500+ USD

  • Full Body Models: $800+ USD

Additional costs:

  • Additional Artwork Cutting: $75+ USD

  • iOS/Android Expressions: $50 USD each.

  • Outfit: $50+ USD each (depends on outfit rigging required)

  • Sticker Expression: $25+ USD each.

iOS/Android expressions like Mouth X, Cheekpuff, Tongue will cost extra, please see above.
you must have an iphone for iOS expressions to work

Rigging estimates are not set-in-stone, you may be charged more if your model is more complex, these are just a general expected breakdown.

Live2d Models

Rigged in Live2d Cubism


Artwork & Character: Ziphora
Rigging: Ziphora


  • Body X, Y, Z Tilt

  • Eye Tracking

  • Mouth Movement, Mouth X

  • Full Body Physics

  • Expression Toggles

  • Outfit Toggles

  • Mouse X Y Arms Tracking

Mega Chubbei

Artwork & Character: MegasArts
Rigging: Ziphora


  • Body X, Y, Z Tilt

  • Eye Tracking

  • Mouth Movement

  • Physics

  • Expression Toggles

Pocket Mega

Artwork & Character: MegasArts
Rigging: Ziphora


  • Body X, Y, Z Tilt

  • Eye Tracking

  • Mouth Movement

  • Physics

  • Expression Toggles


Artwork & Character: LaventaBreeze
Rigging: Ziphora


  • Body X, Y, Z Tilt

  • Eye Tracking

  • Brow Y Ears

  • Mouth Movement

  • Physics


Artwork & Character: Fenergizer
Rigging: Ziphora


  • Body X, Y, Z Tilt

  • Eye Tracking.

  • Brow Y Ears

  • Mouth Movement

  • Physics

  • Toggle expressions


Artwork: Kresendoe
Character: Ninestempest
Rigging & Edits: Ziphora


  • Body X, Y, Z Tilt

  • Eye Tracking.

  • Brow Y Ears

  • Mouth Movement

  • Physics

  • Toggle expressions

Commission Prices

Commissions are closed

Commission openings are announced at Twitter: @Ziphora_Art

Icon and bust completion is set at 1 - 3 months
Illustration completion is set at 1 - 6 months.

All prices are in USD
Paypal and Stripe only accepted


1 Character
Price: $25

  • Complex characters will be simplified.

  • Solid background.

  • Holiday/season theme if requested.

  • No WIPs or revisions are provided, as-is upon completion.

Slots open at Ko-fi via commissions only.

Square Canvas
750x750 px 350dpi


1 Character
Price: $25

  • YCH emotes, choice between: KEKW, KEKWait, Awooga

  • Possibly more options in the future if I have more templates become available.

  • They are redrawn from a base and completed similarly to others but may vary.

  • Can be used for emotes on Twitch.tv, Youtube, as icons for social media ect.

Slots open at Ko-fi via commissions only.

Square Canvas
950x950 px 350dpi


1 Character, portrait
Price starts from $75

  • Semi-shaded, some effects and details may vary based on character.

  • Intricate clothing & armour costs extra. No weapons.

  • Solid background.

  • No WIPs or revisions are provided, as-is upon completion.

Armours: +$55
Intricate clothing: +$35

Horizontal or Vertical Canvas
11 x 14 Inch (3850x4900 px), 350dpi

Half Body Illustrations

1 Character, Thigh up
Price starts from $275+

  • Includes armour and a weapon.

  • Lighting & Shading.

  • Background.

  • WIPs are provided throughout process.

addon fee chart below

Vertical Canvas
12 x 16 Inch (4200x5600 px), 350dpi

Full Body Illustrations

1 Character
Price starts from $400+

  • Includes armour and a weapon.

  • Lighting & Shading.

  • Background.

  • WIPs are provided throughout process.

addon fee chart below

Horizontal or Vertical Canvas
12 x 16 Inch (5600x4200 px), 350dpi
16:9 Aspect Ratios and Ultrawide 2K sizes if requested.

Additional Fees

  • Price includes Armour and a single 2-Hand weapon or set of Dual-Wield weapons.

  • Additional character price includes a set of armour and a weapon.

  • Additional weapons will cost extra, any of the following; Staves, Polearms, 2-Hand Swords/Axes/Maces.

  • Dual-wield weapons considered one weapon: Daggers, 1-Hand Swords/Axes/Maces and Fist Weapons.

  • Companion pets are quoted minimum, hunter pets and larger pets are quoted maximum.

  • Mounts without armour are quoted minimum, mounts with armours and accessories are quoted maximum.

Twitch emotes and badges currently not available.

Illustration fee chart

+1 PET+$45 - $60+$60 - $85
+1 MOUNT+$65 - $95+$90 - $125
+1 CHARACTER+$150+$200
+1 2H WEAPON+$30+$50

Check Live2D Page for information regarding live2d models and rigging.

Terms of Service

My commission queue is always public and you can find it here!

A PDF copy of my Terms of Service will be attached to your invoice.

1. Process

Commission Application:

  • Submit your commission through requested forms, providing as much accurate information as needed. If you do not provide the bare minimum your form may be declined due to incomplete information.

  • Not all commissions will be subject to google forms, I may take commissions via other methods such as Twitter direct messages and Discord without a form.

  • If approved I will respond within 24 hours with an invoice. I will create a Trello card with your commission and add it to my queue.

  • By accepting my Terms of Service you accept that you've read all information and agree to my process, any and all client's personal Terms of Service are null and void upon commissioning me.

  • I reserve the right to reject your custom commission without question or reason.

  • I reserve the right to reject sales for any reason.

Commission Accepted:

  • Work on your commission will only start after the commission has been paid in full.

  • Your commission will begin when appropriately reached within my queue.

  • Queue times may vary based on the size of my queue and availability of my schedule.

Commission Declined:

  • If your commission is declined please do not feel deterred! I am only one artist, I'm not always able to take on all commissions submitted! You're always welcome to resubmit your commission at the next available opening! I try to select a range of commissions and clients, sometimes an idea may just not be chosen at that very moment but it is still an idea I'd love to be able to bring to life.

Work In Progress (WIPs):

  • You are responsible for providing all of the correct and accurate information on your forms.

  • There are no WIPs or revisions for artworks valued under $100 USD, Icons and Bust commissions are completed without any WIPs or revisions. You will receive a final image without WIPs. WIPs may be shared publicly although they are not for revisions or adjustments.

  • WIPs are provided throughout Illustrations for approval of set stages; ‘Rough Sketch’, ‘Refined Sketch’, ‘Linework’, ‘Colour Flats’, ‘Completed Illustration’’ is the final approval stage. There are no background WIPs.

  • If you wish for your commission to remain anonymous or kept a secret until completion please specify this, otherwise the commission may be made public or uploaded once completed. I do not do private commissions.

Completion ETA's:

  • My completion times are anywhere from 1 - 6 months. Delays can extend up to 6 months.

  • Commissions on average are currently completed within a 2 - 3 month period however burnout periods can be long with Illustrations. Illustration commissions will take the longest due to the high amount detail involved.

  • My refund and cancellation period extends past the 6-month PayPal buyer protection period.

  • My ETAs are subject to changes and delays frequently and I cannot guarantee any specific and select completion dates.


  • Contact is through Email, Twitter messages or Discord. If you are using Twitter as a contact, make sure your direct messages are open.

  • I am a low-communication artist, I will only update clients directly when there is progress made on your commission. There may be lengths of periods where you do not hear from me however I am available if there are any concerns at any time throughout the commission process.

  • Conversations unrelated to commissions will be ignored, do not commission me as a way to start conversations unrelated to the commission.

  • Trello is updated and managed regularly, if you have any questions or inquiries regarding your commission, timeslot or time period refer back to my Trello or contact me directly.

  • You're able to contact me via a range of ways; Discord, Email or Twitter.

  • Follow up via your chosen contact method to keep all communication linear.

  • A reasonable response time is up to 48 hours if communication is needed.

  • Your commission may be completed without communication if you fail to respond in a reasonable time period if communication is needed but not met.

Commission Completion:

  • Once your commission is completed I will send your files via your contact choice. Any of the following: Email, Discord or Twitter.

  • If you wish for your commission files to be emailed please specify this otherwise your commission will be sent via an image sharing website such as Imgur to your Direct Messages upon completion.

  • You will receive JPEG or PNG files of your commission, I provide watermarked and unwatermarked copies as well as full resolution files.

  • I do not give CSP and PSD files for NonCommercial commissions.

Post-Completion Alterations:

  • After your commission is completed I will make adjustments if required to fix and correct any character errors missed by myself.

  • Client's who approve sketches and WIPs but reject final commission results will not be altered fee-free, you are responsible for approval and informing me of requested changes prior to completion.

  • Fees for changes post-completion will vary based on commissions and requested post-completion alterations.

  • Fees range from $10 - $100 USD depending on the commission and required alteration.

2. Time Frame

Waiting Period:

  • Your commission time starts from completed payment, partial payment or pending invoices are not within the time period of refunds and cancelled commissions.

  • Time starts from full payment, the date you paid in full for your invoice, not inquiry or initial invoice date.

  • Current completion times are set at 1 - 6 Months. Some commissions are extended beyond others, depending on circumstance and are case by case if this occurs, I do not single out or exclude clients when choosing what commissions are completed before others.

  • Depending on the size of the commission, my current workload and availability, I may take longer to complete your commission than anticipated. I will try my best to complete commissions within the allotted time, however this is not always the case and time may delay your commissions due to complexity or detail, or simply because of other commissions before it.

  • Commissions should not take longer than 3 months to complete for Icons and Busts, 6 months for Illustrations, however circumstances may arise which may delay them further than originally anticipated.

  • If for some unknown reason I do not complete your commission within the 6-Month Paypal Buyer Protection your refund and commission are still valid and I can either exchange your commission for other commissions that make up the value you paid for your initial commission or I will refund you within a reasonable time period where I am able to secure the funds, minus Paypal fees and charges for transactions.

Set Dates & Schedule:

  • I make no obligation or commitment to complete a commission within a set time schedule or specific date unless discussed and agreed, my commission schedule is subject to changes at any time and delays.

Real Life Events, Delays & Public Holidays:

  • I will do my best to complete your commission in all time within my available schedule, please understand that real life does happen and I will need your patience and understanding while working with me. My time schedule is limited, freelance illustration is not my full time job.

  • Public Holidays I am unavailable for contact, I will respond the next available business day.

  • I am unavailable during real life disasters, catastrophes and emergencies, please respect in the case of emergency I will not be available.

3. Payment

Payment Options & Currency:

  • All prices are in US Dollar (USD).

  • Payment is only accepted by PayPal and Stripe, occasionally I will accept gift exchanges from Steam or Amazon.

  • Direct Debit and Credit, Cheque, Cash, Gift Cards and other forms of payment are not accepted.

  • Cryptocurrency, including PayPal cryptocurrency, is not accepted. If you attempt to pay for a commission with cryptocurrency you will be blocked and blacklisted from future commissions.

  • Commissions are invoiced via Paypal, do not send me money before your commission is approved! I only accept payment through invoices.

Payment Plans:

  • You will have the option of partial payment on commissions over $150+ USD if discussed, please contact prior to payment for payment plans.

  • Your commission will not be started until after your commission is paid in full.

  • You are expected to pay within a reasonable time period (2 - 6 weeks) if discussed and agreed upon prior to application.

4. Refunds & Cancellations


  • Client's may request a refund for their commission once the due date has been reached without a completed image or product.

  • 3 months for Icons and Busts without a finished commission is an appropriate time period to request a full refund.

  • 6 months without a finished commission is an appropriate time period to request a full refund for Illustrations.

  • Preliminary sketches may be re-purposed if the commission is cancelled and refunded.

  • Refund of the full commission price will only be issued if for any unknown reason I'm unable to complete the commission in a timely manner or I'm not able to do the commission.

  • Chargebacks issued without any warning, or prior communication will result in an immediate and permanent blacklisting.

  • Refunds are applicable past the 6-Month Paypal Buyer Protection Time Period, I will resolve all outstanding commissions regardless of time, you will receive your commission or equivalent art valued to the total you initially paid for your commission at the date of purchase. I am committed to completing commissions if still requested that past this 6 month time period at fault of my own or your money back.


  • I reserve the right to cancel a commission if you are rude, inappropriate or not able to communicate with me appropriately.

  • You will be refunded up to 85% of the commission based on completed work under this circumstance.

  • Once payment is received, you cannot back out of the commission.

  • I will not refund commissions if you simply change your mind.

5. Copyright

Client Reupload & Reposting:

  • Client's are permitted to reupload commissioned artwork.

  • Re-uploading Watermarked images is advised when using Social Media websites or other websites where images are often stolen and reposted without permission.

  • I will publicly post low-resolution watermarked images on my social networks unless posted behind a paywall such as Ko-fi or Patreon.

  • Please credit me by linking to any of my social media platforms! It's important people are able to find me through your reuploads.

Commercial LICENCE:

  • Commercial Licences are at an increased percent value depending on the artwork and the use of artwork for commercial sales.

  • Commercial Licence price will vary based on; Product, Product projected sales, Product use and the artwork itself being commissioned.

  • Percent value will be applied to the total commission price.

  • I do not allow the sale of any of my artworks as Non-Fungible Token's (NFT's) where the JPEG, PNG or any file is attached to a cryptocurrency for resale or exclusive sale. Period.

Non-Commercial Copyright:

  • Any Client's personal Terms of Service is null and void upon commissioning me.

  • All artwork commissioned through my forms by default buys you a NonCommercial and Attribution licence.

  • Commissioned artworks are for personal and non-profit use.

  • If you wish to buy a Commercial Licence for your commission or artwork, this can be discussed and negotiated based on use of product sales.

  • All commissions are No Derivative Works (ND). You may not alter, obstruct or remove my signature or watermarks.

  • I retain the copyrights to all commissioned Noncommercial artwork to use for display for personal websites, social media, promotional material, art collections in books, portfolios, prints etc.

  • You retain the copyrights to your character in the commissioned images and credit to the character you own.

  • Artworks may not be sold as Non-Fungible Token's (NFT's) where the JPEG, PNG or any file is attached to a cryptocurrency for resale or exclusive sale. Purchased artworks are for private use, not private resale.

6. References

You must provide your references on the forms for commissions. I do not accept post-application references via email. Forms must be filled out in full during the application process.

Image links:

Any of the following image sharing sites for your reference is acceptable:

  • Image sharing websites; i.e Imgur, Dropbox

  • Websites; i.e Refsheet.net, Toyhouse

  • Google Drive, direct image links are also acceptable.

World of Warcraft Characters:

All World of Warcraft characters MUST have a wowhead dressing room link, even if you have a reference sheet. Do not give me screenshots from in-game.

  • Wowhead Dressing Room link to your character is not optional, you must provide one for all WoW characters including NPC models for pets, mounts and shapeshift forms that are included in the commission.

  • Narcissus WoW Addon screenshots and general in-game screenshots can accompany your Wowhead Dressing Room link.

  • World of Warcraft Armoury links are not accepted.

General Characters:

  • NSFW and SFW images are accepted.

  • Reference Sheets are preferred but will take any imagery as long as relevant to the commission.

Written Only References:

  • I accept written only references with a 15% of commission price.

  • Without pre-existing visuals I am essentially designing your character and that takes additional time.

Other References:

References for backgrounds, scenes and poses that can help me create your commission:

  • Landscapes and scenery photographs.

  • Reference Pose Images.

  • In-game screenshots of game environments for backgrounds.

  • Mood Boards.

  • Reference Expression Images.

  • Stick figure pose suggestions.

7. Preferences

I Will Draw:

  • Video game characters.

  • Horror characters, creatures and themes.

  • Armour and weapons.

  • Anthropomorphic, furry and feral characters.

  • Animals and pet portraits.

  • Mechanical, cyber, futuristic characters and themes.

  • Fantasy, mythological, and mediaeval creatures, characters and themes.

  • Adult themes (18+)

  • Tattoo designs!

  • All genders and gender pairings.

I Will Not Draw:

  • Humans and humanoids.

  • Political people or to do with real life events.

  • Self portraits of real life people.

  • Anything racist, sexist, transphobic, xenophobic to any person or culture.

  • Hate Speech and derogatory subjects.

  • Certain extreme sexual fetishes.

  • Explicit or suggestively sexual content involving minors or children. 18+ only, characters must be 18+ in both appearance and design.

8. Adult & Graphic Content

Adult Content:

  • Adult content is strictly 18+, if requested you must provide proof you are of adult legal age.

  • All characters I draw must be physically that of adult and legal age. I will not draw minors in suggestive or sexual context, full stop.

  • You are agreeing you are 18+ and of legal age commissioning me for any Adult themed or sexually suggestive content.

Graphic Content:

  • Mild or medium levels of blood, scratches, wounds and gashes are fine.

  • Excessive or extreme gore is case by case.

  • I will not draw sexual fetishes revolving around gore and violence in any context, period.

  • Context is considered when accepting or declining commissions with violent and aggressive topics and themes.


About the artist

Hi! I'm Ziphora

I'm a Freelance Digital Artist and Illustrator from Australia.I have been drawing all my life, I started digital artwork in 2010. I have been a commission artist since 2016, I have run an online merchandise shop since 2018.I am an anthropomorphic and animal artist, I enjoy drawing fantasy creatures, fluffy animals and bringing characters to life.Tools:
Procreate 5, Clip Studio Paint
Ipad Pro 12.9 1TB Gen 5

Nsfw Prices

Commissions are closed

Commission openings are announced at Twitter: @Smutphora

Full body Sketch Completion is set at 1 - 3 months.

All prices are in USD
Paypal and Stripe only accepted

Full Body Sketches

1 character
Price starts from $150+

  • SFW or NSFW.

  • No armours or weapons.

  • Solid background.

  • Minimal shading.

  • Rough sketch WIP provided, as-is upon completion.

Horizontal or Vertical Canvas
11 x 14 Inch (3850x4900 px), 350dpi

+1 Character: +$150
Clothing: +$50

I Will Draw:

  • Furry, animal and anthro characters only. Includes; Avians, reptiles, dragons ect.

  • Feral characters SFW only!

  • All genders and gender pairings!

  • Size difference

  • Bondage

  • Anal Penetration

  • Vaginal Penetration

I Will Not Draw:

  • Humans & humanoids.

  • Feral characters NSFW

  • Ultra-realistic animal genitals

  • Fisting

  • Scat, Watersports ect

  • ...& more

If you are not sure, just ask! I am mostly a vanilla artist, please keep that in mind!

Full body sketches

Illustrated in procreate 5